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Multiple dogs playing in dog park at The Pet Ranch
Multiple dogs playing in dog park at The Pet Ranch


Dog Boarding

  • The King Ranch (20x12): $80/night

  • The City Slicker (10x12): $54/night

  • The Deluxe Roomy Roamer (6x12): $40/night

  • The Roomy Roamer (4x12): $33/night

  • The Comfort Coral (4x4): $27/night

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply.


  • Peanut Butter Kong – $5.00

  • Exit baths – $20 to $40

  • Nail trimming – $15.00

  • Administer Medications/Supplement per Day – $2.50 each

  • Special Food Prep Charge – $2.00

  • 20 min. Private Walk in Dog Park – $10.00

  • All Day Group Play While Boarding – $15.00 per guest

  • Charles Barkley Ball Play – $10.00 per guest

  • Pupsicle Treat – $5.00 per guest

Cat Boarding

  • Cats (per night): $19

*Peak or seasonal rates may apply.

Doggie Daycare

(An additional 5% off for members)


5 day pass: $109

10 day pass: $212

20 day pass: $415


Full day (5+ hours): $26

Half day (Any 5 hours): $18


  • Please call for a rate quote today!


What does it mean to be a member at The Pet Ranch? Well hold onto your saddles because you won’t believe what amazing perks are available to our members!

With an annual or monthly membership, your pet(s) can romp, roam, and ruff it on our 13 acre, fully fenced, off-leash area. In addition to exclusive access to our dog park, members also receive discounts on toys, treats, and services here at The Pet Ranch! You can also expect priority reservation booking and free admission to any special events we may be hosting. So jump on the wagon and see why so many of our guests are becoming members today!

Membership Pricing: New Member $350.00 / year – Renewal $150.00 / year

  • 10% off all services and products (except for grooming)

  • Access to Dog Park.

  • Free upgrades and priority booking at management discretion.

*Membership includes all pets per one family household.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

"Gus spent a week and came home smelling great and tired.. Very reasonable price and super friendly staff.. Recommend highly!" - Backy P.

"My husband and I boarded our Wolfhound/Dane, Lulu, when we left town for our honeymoon. She was not doing well and the staff immediately stepped in to help her out. They called us to let us know, and we were able to get help to have her watched at home. They also didn’t charge us for the time she was there. The last place I boarded her at said she did great, but knowing what we learned from the Pet Ranch staff, that was a lie, as she was highly anxious and was unable to relax. I’m so grateful for the Pet Ranch as they truly were concerned for the welfare of our dog. Thank you, Pet Ranch!" - Andrea M.

"The staff here really cares about all of your furry little friends!" - Linda W.