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The Pet Ranch

Dog with tongue out in play area at The Pet Ranch

About Us

All Pet Ranch visitors go through a test to ensure their safety and the safety of our other guests before entering the resort. Your pet’s health is our priority, and we ensure they get the exercise and fun they need to stay happy!

Interior Play Area at The Pet Ranch

Who We Are

At The Pet Ranch, we believe in providing our furry guests with more than just a place to sleep for the night – we love creating an environment that gives pets a rich, fun experience while their owners are away. Just one visit to our facilities and you’ll see that the toothy smiles and wagging tails don’t lie! Our canine friends love staying at The Pet Ranch! With luxurious suites, a compassionate staff, and endless respect for our guests, you can be confident that your fur-iend is getting the care they deserve!

Outdoor Play Area for your pet at The Pet Ranch

Tons of Fun Your Dog is Sure to Love!

Whether you have a small but rambunctious pup or you’ve got a big pooch who loves to take it slow, our guests receive a routine of care that’s perfect for their needs and personality! We don’t just have a dog park here at The Pet Ranch, we’ve got the best darn dog park in all the land! Our expansive play area is the ideal place for your dog to run, fetch, and maybe even meet a new best friend! Every dog has its day, and at The Pet Ranch, that day is everyday!