Lodging with The Pet Ranch

Lodging your dog is necessary sometimes when you cannot be around to do the job. Don't sweat it!

Your dog is in good hands at The Pet Ranch. Our kennels are larger than anyone's and we provide free exercise, doggy daycare, and exit baths at the end of lengthy stays. Plus the prices for lodging your dog at The Ranch are very affordable. Especially when you consider all of the freebies and amenities we offer.

We agree that your dog's favorite place to be is probably at home. But, we are pretty sure its second favorite place to be is The Pet Ranch. When your dog gets accustomed to visiting our facility, you will quickly find out why our customers love coming to us. Dogs that come frequently, quite literally, pull their owners through the door. Lodging your dog will quickly become something you feel very good about doing.

Dog Lodging is our #1 business at The Pet Ranch, and we strive to provide the best atmosphere for your pet. We encourage you to watch our video tour and browse our site. If you have any further questions about dog lodging, please call or stop in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

The King Ranch 20’x 12’

The King RanchOur one-of-a-kind premiere lodges are Texas BIG! Luxury living, country style for one or more royal canines. Boarding in this run makes for a wide-open experience. Perfectly suited to board multiple dogs from the same family.

The City Slicker 10’x 12’

The City SlickerOur luxury lodge provides plenty of leg room! Even multiple dogs can comfortably lounge.

The Roomy Roamer 6’x 12’

The Roomy RoamerStill big by any means, private, and perfectly suited for large or small breeds, or for two companions.

The Roomy Roamer II 4’x 12’

Roomy Roamer 2Similar in size to the original with spacious accommodations for all breeds.

The Comfort Corral 4’x 4’

Comfort CorralIdeal lodges for smaller breeds and puppies. Private lodges have 6’ walls to ease the stresses of boarding.

Olathe Animal Hospital boarding
Treatment for your boarded pets at Olathe Animal Hospital

Your Feline or Canine Friends Will Feel Right at Home!

All Canine Guests Receive (Included):

  • Canidae All Life Stages to boarding dogs and Blue Buffalo cat food to the cats.
  • Up to 4 hours of Doggie Dude Ranch daycare, or private play with a Ranch Hand for guests that do not meet daycare requirements.
  • Free exit baths for boarders who stay 5 nights or more.

Have a dog with special needs or medication? We provide loving specialty care for your special pet!

Additional Amenities and Services:

Consider adding a private walk through our field and forested 13-acre Dog Park with a Ranch Hand.

Treat your busy boarder with a peanut butter filled Kong ball for a minimal fee upon request.

Have an active camper? Add on a full or half day of Doggie Dude Ranch daycare to your dog’s stay for fun group play that leaves them all tuckered out.

Let our experienced groomers pamper your pet spa style during their stay and return home clean and primped.

Special requests can be accommodated! Let us know what will make your dogs stay comfortable!


Feline Farm

Includes spacious double-decker bunkhouses designed for finicky felines with a taste for roamin’ and relaxin’, with separate potty, feed, and sleep areas for comfort!

Our clean and safe facility is climate controlled, with a large window for lots of natural light.

The Canine Lodges

Ain't nothing finer than a Pet Ranch all-nighter! HUGE privacy lodges BIGGER than anyone else in Kansas City! Spacious stalls big enough for any size Buckaroo with all the fixin's of the finest five star resort! Our clean and safe facility is climate-controlled and security monitored. Ranch Hands are available to accommodate any special requests 365 days a year!

Boarding with The Pet Ranch
Boarding rates at The Pet Ranch


  • 4’x4’ Privacy Lodge (per night) - $27.00
  • 4’x12’ Lodge (per night) - $33.00
  • 6’x12’ Lodge (per night) - $37.00
  • 10’x12’ Lodge (per night) - $54.00
  • 20’x12’ Lodge (per night) - $80.00
  • Additional Boarder - $20.00
  • Cats and other (per night) - $19.00

(Shared boarding at Management’s discretion.)

Additional dogs not sharing a lodge receive 20% off their stay.

7+ nights receive 10% off total boarding cost.

5+ nights receive complimentary exit bath

Rates are based on nightly rate and include a regular check out time of 12pm (1pm Sundays) on the day of pick up. Guests checking out after regular check out times will result in an additional extended stay charge of $16/dog, $14/dog for members.


  • Peanut Butter Kong - $5.00
  • Exit baths - $20 to $40
  • Nail trimming - $15
  • Administer Medications/Supplement per Day - $2.00 each
  • Special Food Prep Charge - $2.00
  • 20 min. Private Walk in Dog Park - $10.00